Our Impact on Southern California’s Economy

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Members of TASIN are the employers of more than 15,000 Californians, providing $750 million in wages and benefits. 

Thanks to Indian gaming, TASIN tribal governments are the source of new business, new ideas and economic activity that has added more than $4 billion to the prosperity of California.     

The majority of the economic impact of tribal governments comes from tribal gaming, but tribal governments also operate a variety of other economic enterprises and continue to diversify their economic activities.

“Not only have tribal activities significantly improved the economic well being of gaming tribes but they have also improved the economic outcomes for many communities in the region.  Communities throughout the Inland Empire receive considerable benefits from the tribes’ activities.” 

- William O. Brown Jr., PhD

Claremont McKenna Collegecall



Jobs for Californians

  • 16,135 direct jobs / 103,061 indirect jobs*


    Good Wages

  • $753 million in direct payments to individuals / $2.1 billion in indirect payments*


    Supporting Local Economies

  • $765 million in direct purchase of goods and services, with total impact of over $2.5 billion in purchases* 


    Contributing to California’s Tax Base

  • $181 million in federal and state income and payroll taxes. The indirect activity contributes another $320 million in payroll and incomes taxes. The indirect impact of the tribal governments’ activities produced over $9 million in California corporate income taxes and $20 million in California sales taxes in 2004* 

*Source: 2004 Economic Impact Report prepared by Rose Institute of State & Local Government at Claremont McKenna College